An easy way to substantially improve your vehicles handling and extend the life of your tires is to be alert to signs of misalignment and to have your wheels aligned immediately if signs appear. Wheels become out of alignment due to many factors such as dramatic stops and starts, hitting curbs hard, accidents, heavy loads, potholes, and normal wear and tear as the vehicle gets older.

Mr. Cool’s Complete Auto Care technicians will align your vehicle so that your tires wear properly and the vehicle travels straight while driving. By properly correcting Caster, Camber, Toe and Thrust Angle, it will increase tire life, reduce wear and tear on steering components and improve the handling characteristics of your vehicle.

Alignment Problem Warning Signs:

  • Your steering wheel is not straight when driving on a level road.
  • You hear strange noises in your suspension system.
  • The vehicle wanders from side to side.
  • Your vehicle pulls or drifts to one side when you drive in a straight line or brake.
  • You hear squeals when you turn.
  • You feel vibration in the steering wheel or through you vehicle’s seat.
  • The vehicle’s steering feels loose, mushy, or too tight.
  • Your tires are wearing prematurely or unevenly.